Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) & Completed Decongestion Therapy (CDT) at

Földi Clinic - Clinic for Lymphology in Germany (2007) with Klose Training - USA



Marion Cobbold initially trained as a Massage Therapist in 1999 and Sports Massage Therapist, qualifying in 2004 with an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and VTCT certificate in Sports Massage Therapy. She runs her own Sports massage clinic in Ipswich before relocating to Melton, Woodbridge.

Marion has completed post-graduate training in Advanced Deep Tissue and Injuiry Prevention Techniques and Myofascial Release as well as the Trigger Point Therapy and has helped many people with their aches and pains. 

Since 2007 Marion runs The Lymph Clinic in conjunction with her Sports Massage - Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Clinic and continuously increases and furthers her knowledge of the lymphatics and the treatment in post cancer patiens.

Marion works in conjunction with Physio Echzell, Germany where twice a year she treats and teaches patients about MLD/CDT and SLD.

Marion Cobbold specialises in treating the symptoms of problems, that arise from an overwhelmed or dysfunctional lymphatic system. For the most part, this has been with cancer survivors who have developed lymphoedema.

Marion uses the Vodder technique of Manual Lymph Drainage and Foldi's Complete Decongestive Therapy (MLD/CDT) through Klose Training. She studied at the world renowned Földi Clinic - Clinic for Lymphology in Hinterzarten, Germany in 2007 and  

Where Professors Michael and Ethelda Földi continue to give their time to lecture students about Lymphoedema. Their clinic hospital in the Black Forest, is an exceptional and enviable achievement.

Marion is a registered member of the Complemntary Thearpy Association (ChTA) , British Lymphology SocietyMLD UK, FitPro, Nordic Walking UK;