Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking




At the Lymph Clinic in Melton, Woodbridge in Suffolk we encourage our lymphoedema and lipodema patients to participate in Nordic Walking to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Walking is a highly recommended exercise for those who suffer from lymphoedema of either the upper or lower extremities. Nordic Walking is extremely useful, as the weight of the legs is supported by the poles used in Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking originates from Finnland and has become increasingly popular all over the world and can be enjoyed all year round.

Compared with ordinary walking, Nordic Walking puts less strain on the body.

There are numerous benefits of Nordic Walking:

 - As much as 46%
increase in oxygen consumption     
 - Effective release of shoulder and neck tension
 - Arthritic fingers don't swell
 - Improves metabolism, increase of 20% of energy consumption

                     (To name just a few general benefits!)

Benefits of Nordic Walking for lymphoedema sufferers:

 - The hold/relax actions of the forearm muscles encourage the 
    extra lymph to flow out of the arm.
 - The hold/relax movements help keep surgery and radiation scars
 -  Those patients who need a walking stick for support more , will feel far
    more stable walking with the use of two Nordic Walking poles and
    will walk more easily with less fear of falling.
 - The support of the arms by holding the poles minimises the strain on the
  shoulder joint.



Marion Cobbold is a fully qualified International Nordic Walking Association Instructor (INWA), accredited by Nordic Walking UK, London.

Regular classes are held in Woodbridge and surrounding areas.


For our our Weekend walks and weekday walks  please click here .

For Taster sessions please contact Marion direct on 01394 46234001394 462340



Equipment required:  2 x Nordic Walking Poles, comfortable trainers and light layered clothing.