Frequently Asked Questions

Will lymphedema ever go away?

If it is diagnosed early, lymphedema can be managed through proper treatment, quality compression garments, and good skin care. That is why prevention is key.

Where do I find an MLD Therapist?

 Lymphedema organisations have a list of trained MLD & CDT Therapists on their website.  


Where can I buy compression garments?

Compression garments are sold at medical supply stores and some pharmacies. Measurements are taken by a certified fitter to ensure garments fit properly.

Will my insurance pay for compression garments?

The NHS covers most types of compression garments.Ask your therapist for some advise.

How do I care for my compression garments?

Daily washing with a mild detergent is recommended to maximize therapeutic effectiveness. Do not use fabric softeners, chlorine or bleach which may damage your garment. Refer to the manufacturer's care instructions.

How do I put compression garments on?

Wearing rubber gloves is recommended to protect your garments from fingernail and jewelry snags. There are also numerous assistive devices that make putting on and taking off garments easy and comfortable. Ask your certified fitter for a demonstration of these devices.