"Thank you, Marion. Your work has literally transformed my body. I can't wait for my second visit." Louise 2018

"Big thank you for releasing my shoulder yesterday. I couldn't believe what I could do in yoga yesterday and without struggling! And I slept through last night. Miracle woman!" James 2018

As you know, our move back to Suffolk (eight years ago?) meant I had to leave the Marsden Hospital with all the excellent support they offered, so finding you was wonderful.  In fact I don't know how I would have managed without your help, mentally as well as physically.  As I said earlier, you have an innate ability to understand what is wrong and how to help.  Gifted.  I don't think it's any one particular thing that you do; I think it's the combination of skills you bring to your practice.    You have natural ability;  interest in what you do;  have kept up with skills/developments;  you like people and want to help; you are organised, efficient and also, importantly, kind.  People enjoy coming to you for treatment and leave feeling better.  What more could they want?! 

Apart from your clinic, look back to your Nordic walking classes.  They were very popular, I seem to remember.   You must have taught many, many people some of whom (amongst them me) drove a considerable distance to walk, talk and learn with you.

Having read everything that I've just written, it seems to me Marion, that you are a success!

with love and best wishes,
Anthea, 2014

Dear Marion
Have been to see M Brown last week and am going again next week. Between the two of you you have worked miracles on my shoulder. As we suspected, it is all about responsibility. You have loosened up the physical and Myra has done the same to the spiritual and it is much better. Still work to do, but that 's ok; as both of you have said, it will take a bit of shifting. I am very grateful for the hard work that you have put in and the great results you have achieved.

Remember ……………. THERE IS LIFE AFTER MOTHERHOOD - you are still a great masseurs and bodyworker.

Best wishes

Woodbridge July 2014


Thank you so much for the treatments that you have given me over the past year or so.

Not only the massage but the morale boosting words of  encouragement to recover, which is so vital.

I wish you a very successful birth and look forward to hearing confirmation of the good news and hope that I may be fortunate enough to be on your list of

Patients  going forward 

 Best Wishes

 John Kerr  (June 2014)

Dear Marion

You know, you sorted out my back and told me how to correct my posture. You are a very valuable professional and I like to think, also a friend. You are not only brilliant at massage and lymph drainage (remember how you helped that horrible swelling by my elbow ?) but so good as a councillor as well. You always make me laugh.

I shall have to take particular care not to do anything stupid if you re not going to be there to put me back together. You may well be cross with me ( life is for living has always been my motto) but having just recovered from my ankle #, I have been kicked by a friends pony and got a depressed # of the plateau of my knee, so I have said " enough" and given up riding. So depressing but I think, for the best !

Best wishes,

Rosie Ridley

Hi Marion
Best moments of treatment - easy. The first appointment with you and going away feeling less pain everywhere, hugely relieved that at last I had found someone I liked to keep my overworked body and muscles in control from a life of doing too many things with and to it that cause problems. Every treatment brings relief somewhere and to each specific problem allowing me to carry on doing the things I enjoy. At times your penetrating fingers find points of excruciating pain that are almost beyond bearing but relief swiftly follows after a few minutes or hours (or
Sometimes a day or two!).

One day's treatment around the left shoulder and breast area where I was experiencing painful stabs in the breast that cause me great terror was particularly memorable in its relief as the problems of the cancer treatment are a daily experience and "nuisance" to be endured - after all I am still here.

Hope these thoughts will be of some help in any moment of need. With best wishes and thoughts that all goes well.

Take care

June (Cooper) june 2014

Hi Marion,

 When you have treated me you have always made me feel comfortable, chattering away…

I have had a lot of treatments for back pain over the years, more or less since I was 20 and in the last 2/3 years, two lots of spine surgery courtesy of NHS Ipswich.  I remember you saying you could not compete with that (the surgery), fair enough, but I can assure you Marion Cobbold is the best diagnostic I have ever been treated by and by ‘hands on’ investigation, not by ‘hands off’ relying totally on diagnosis of an image.  You made up for the latter, this was very important to me, in addition to the excellent treatment you provided.  The closest my surgeon ever got was shaking my hand.

You really know your stuff and like most patients, I wanted reassurance concerning what was wrong with my spine; you gave me that assurance.  I trusted your judgement without hesitation and had complete confidence in you. You helped a lot with pain relief in the interim prior to and in between my two lots surgery, which was very painful in itself.  You got me doing Pilates with Victoria Hayden, which was beneficial and good advice. 

You are ‘top dog’ in your profession, you have taught children in Sri Lanka and probably done other worthy things in your life, because you are a doer.  No doubt, Marion Cobbold has made a positive difference in the world, does not matter how small, it is a valued contribution in the eyes of many.  So stick to it.

 Best wishes for the future, keep in touch

Peter Ridley.

Dear  Marion
Thank you so much for all your care and skill over the last six years. You have helped me keep my lymphoedema in check, as well as helping me relax and unwind. Your advice and conversation have been much appreciated!
When I have been brave ( or foolish!) enough to let slip about my various aches and pains you have tackled the problem with enthusiasm and technical expertise. Than you!
As an example - when I returned from the 3 Peaks Challenge, you  eased my painful calves. I yoweled ! -x
Yet the following day I was able to walk along the beach, and the next day there was no more pain. (The friend who accompanied me on the 3 peaks was still hobbling a week later!)
Hope to see you again soon.
Love Cath

Hello Marion

Having suffered from lymphoedema for over 30 years, I have proved that regular maintenance and occasional intensive treatments are mandatory.

I have received regular decongestive treatment privately since 2006. In 2010, I was recommended to Marion Cobbold by a friend. Immediately, it was clear that she was able to bring a far wider range of skills to the treatment of lymphoedema than I had previously received. The initial intensive treatment and subsequent monthly maintenance one hour sessions were far more successful than I had received privately over the previous four years.

Whilst some of Marion’s methods and skills are not lymphoedema specific, they have markedly improved my overall condition. This has resulted in significantly reduced pains and aches, and a dramatic reduction in the need for intensive bandaging treatment.

Hi Marion
Hope you're well. Just to say you've done miraculous work with my back and I can't believe it but I'm almost 100% better. I can't thank you enough.
H.C. March 2017

My dear Marion,

When I first visited you, I had rather low expectations, having had about 4 years of problems with my neck and back and 3 small ops which did help with the pain but not with the movement of my neck. I had visited an Osteopath, 3 Physiotherapists and a Chiropractor all of who had been totally useless.
Yet you were amazing on the first day, you radiated confidence that you could help me and so it was proved that day and in many other sessions. I left you with such positive feelings that they lifted me not just physically but emotionally as well. I have never before found someone with your amazing skills and knowledge and with your very warm and supportive way of passing it on to those who need it most. I have heard of and tried some people with healing hands but until I met you I did not really understand what it meant.

You are extremely intelligent, sensitive and aware of your patients needs, however complicated they may be. Having met other patients of yours I realise that I am only one of many whose lives you have changed by your care and treatment, in fact I would say in my case you gave me my life back and I dont say that lightly. You have the patience and the knowledge to explain to all of us what has happened and how we can help ourselves when you are not there, this is very rare in medicine. Finally, I could not believe that the last few sessions when you started to correct damage from an accident which happened over 40 years ago..... Thank  you Marion!!!
Morgan Morris, Ipswich