Sports Injury Clinic

Sports injuries are very often no more than everyday problems that have been exposed when an ‘occasional athlete’ over-stresses his or her body when taking up a new activity. They may result from:

• poor gait or posture
• lack of fitness
• inadequate equipment

Participating regularly in any sporting activity may also leave you open to the possibility of overtraining, over-use or repetitive strain injuries. These can have harmful, long-lasting effects whatever your age, so it is important that you learn to recognise the signs if you intend working hard towards your goal. They may include:

• poor practices and performance
• loss of weight
• joint or muscle pain without injuries
• nausea
• colds or stuffy nose
• depression, irritability, insomnia or anxiety

Remember that you will be more tired, and therefore more at risk of injury, at the end of a day’s work, or exercise session.

The treatment concentrates on assessing posture and muscle movement, correcting and manipulating of muscles. Advice on rehabilitation and maintenance to improve strength and flexibility.

For further information, please contact Marion on 07762 709675