Electro / Thermotherapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Trauma goes through various phases from the initial injury itself to the eventual formation of scar tissue (acute/subacute/chronic). Treatment in these stages is aimed to reduce swelling, pain, loss of function, etc. prior to and during the important aspects of rehabilitation. Any modality that can speed up the reduction of inflammation and assist the repair process should be considered. Electrotherapy in its various formats can be used in all stages and is especially useful in the earlier stages of injury.

Therapeutic ultrasound is one of the most common treatments used in the management of soft tissue lesions, which constitute  the majority of rheumatic complaints. It has been used for conditions such as tennis elbow and wound healing etc. its main effect is to generate heat within the tissue on a cellular level.

 Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy is a treatment with the use of infrared light. Most of the times it is used before a massage to prepare for it as it warms the skin, the superficial muscles and penetrates to the deeper muscle layers. The warmth relaxes the muscles and facilitates the work of the therapist making the actual treatment for you, the client, less painful.  

Infrared light is also performed without massage. It is used mainly for people with muscle spasms or with very dense and tight muscles. Infrared therapy also mitigates general back pain. The deeply penetrating warmth relaxes, increases blood circulation and activates the metabolism. Regenerative processes are being accelerated. 

 Hot Roll 

Hot Roll is a Thermotherapy (application of damp warmth). Which applied with short, strong, pressing and rolling actions warm up and loosen muscles by increasing circulation. Its an ideal preparation to massage or a means to warming up and loosening tightness and releasing spasms prior to rehabilitation exercises. 


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