Deep Tissue Massage

Stress, bad posture, long traveling hours, excessive fitness training or work on the computer can all cause muscle imbalance such as stiffness, spasms, neck and back pain, headaches, RSI etc. 

Apart from stretching, a deep tissue massage can help to alleviate aches, pains and dysfunctions in the muscles no matter if it is the back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, calves or feet.

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment and aims to release stiffness and pain by treating the deeper layers of muscles and trigger points in the muscles.

At first deep tissue massage can hurt, especially in those parts, where adhesions and curtailments already cause pain. As it’s an interactive treatment, you determine how strong the pressure may be. A certain amount of massage pain is unavoidable due to the adhesions and curtailments which have to be loosened mechanically.

The muscles are being moved, the blood circulation stimulated, and accumulated metabolic waste released and removed with the blood. This causes a muscular and somatic reaction which is similar to soreness. This "soreness" can last up to 2 days and is normally being experienced after the first two or three treatments. It is determined that physically well trained people do not experience this phenomenon at all or only mildly.

Despite the effectiveness of a deep tissue massage, it is not a cure-all. To maintain good health and posture regular muscle stretches especially after physical activity or invariable or constant stress e.g. work on a computer should be included into your daily life. In addition specific strengthening of the back muscles should be performed to avoid premature fatigue of your postural muscles relieving the spine and correcting your posture.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Sports Injuries - Back pain – Sciatica – Neck pain – Frozen shoulder – Tennis elbow – Muscle spasm & cramps – RSI Repetitive Strain Injury - Achilles tendonitis - Knee problems - Hamstring and calf strains - Groin strain – Foot & leg injuries - Whiplash - Postural problems – Arthritis – Hip pain – Headaches/Migraine – Numbness – Muscle spasms, Muscle strains, ligament strains, tight muscle, Sciatica, Myofascia pain, Chronic Pain  etc

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