Hivamat 200 - Deep Ocilliation Therapy

The  The latest addition to aid Lymphatic Drainage

Deep Oscillation is a German technology which works by creating an intermittent electrostatic field which attracts and releases the tissue in a selected frequency.

How does it work?

It delivers gentle electrostatic pulses to a depth of 8 -12cm, activating the lymphatic system and dispersing waste. It was created to be used for lymphoedema patiens and has found subsequent uses in almost any thing that requires removal of metabolic waste by the body. It breaks apart and shakes up metabolic waste, acids, protein built up and cytokines. It also activates the lymphatic system so the body is able to move out the waste

The beauty of the device is that the treatment is still very hands on, the only difference is that I am wearing vinyl gloves.

The following conditions can be treated successfully with immediate results:

  • Fibrosis after a skin graft on the face
  • Swollen axillary and inguinal lymph nodes
  • Breast fibrosis
  • Secondary leg and arm lymhoedema with very hard fibrosis
  • Hard, protein build-up after radiotherapy
  • Sinusitis and headache
  • Post plastic surgery swelling of the face, abdomen and legs
  • Puffy eyes
  • Cellulite
  • encourages wound healing
  • pain reduction
  • anti-Inflammatory
  • reducing Oedema and Fibrosis
  • Ideal for fresh trauma, postoperative, acute pain

Promoting tissue softening, reduction of limb volume in arm, legs, face, improved circulation, scar management, wound healing and reducing pain and sensitivity.

The results are wonderful and in half an hour, I can achieve the same results as in 1 hour of MLD. The treatment is very enjoyable and relaxing and the results speak for themselves.  


G. Schelder and D. Berg discovered in their study that Deep Occiliation  – supports lymph drainage and shows significant improvements in the pain and disturbances to  the sensitivity of the breast operated; skin alterations; arm movements and  lymphoedema.

Another study by Bartoletti and colleagues in Fandonzione Fatebenefratelli, Rome (2006) showed that the treatment with Deep Occiliation actually reduced the circumference of limbs that had lymphoedema and decrease the thickness of the subcutis as shown in an ecograph.

The beauty of the product is, it is very safe, very well researched and there is the support of a group of scientists who are always keeping up with their research.


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