Complex Decongestion Therapy (CDT)


CDT has been shown to improve lymph oedema. Other names for CDT are Complex/Complete Decongestive PhysioTherapy or CPT/CDT. It consist of four elements:

Compression on its own reduces the edema, however, MLD often speeds up the process.  The treatment consists of an intensive and a maintenance phase. The maintenance phase begins when there is no further reduction in oedema. The limb is measured and a compression garment is fitted.

What to expect from a treatment?

A qualified MLD/CDT therapist will take a full consultation including your medical history, lifestyle and nutritional intake. Include measuring of the limb and photographs (just of the limbs - not the face). A treatment plan will be deviced and an introduction to MLD performed.

At all times your MLD/CDT therapist will be working in conjunction with your medical practitioner and/or your lymphoedema consultant.

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