Swedish Massage

Massage is a holistic therapy and apart from the physical affect on the body, it has a psychological effect on the mind and spirit.

 Massage :

·         releases tension
·         is sensitive but works deeply
·         combines massage techniques, pressure points, stretching and movement
·         increases flexibility and awareness
·         reminds your body how it feels to be relaxed
·         restores the body’s natural energy
·         promotes a wonderful sense of well - being

helps :

·         back and shoulder pain
·         stiffness
·         headaches
·         fatigue
·         mental stress


Many studies have demonstrated the wide-ranging benefits of massage. As well as the benefits mentioned above, it is useful for specific ailments such as asthma, depression, back and neck pain, insomnia and immune deficiency disorders. It can be helpful during pregnancy and labour and is also used to help premature babies thrive. It can also be taught to their mothers to help them bond with their infants while they are still in incubators. Massage is often a part of therapy for people with cancer since it promotes relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.