The ancient art of Reflexology is over 4000 years old.  The aim of Reflexology is to correct the three negative factors involved in disease:  congestion, inflammation and tension. 

It is a specialised form of foot massage using specific pressure points to access and stimulate all body systems and  to attain optimum health and  balance.   Reflexology treatments:

 Benefits: allergies, insomnia, digestive disorders, back, neck, shoulder aches and pains, osteoporosis, arthritis, MS, ME, asthma, headaches, acute and chronic conditions etc 

Womens Clinic: PMT, PMS, Hormonal imbalances, Fertility, Pregnancy, swollen feet

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT)

To allow the body to heal itself quickly VRT is a technique used by fully trained Reflexologists to complement a conventional Reflexology treatment. VRT is carried out in a weight-bearing position. The technique used specialised procedures such as synergy and precision positioning and zonal triggers. It can be used to treat many conditions especially orthopaedic disorders, cancer and ME.

A comprehensive VRT treatment can be completed in 15-20 minutes or can be in conjunction with a normal Reflexology treatment.