Ear Candling

Do you suffer from ear infections, itching, popping, ringing or produce a lot of wax? Do you suffer from blocked sinus, catarrh or hay fever?

Hopi Ear candles are used in a gentle and non-invasive treatment which has the effect of gently removing excessive wax from the ear canal, relaxing the client, and alleviating conditions which may be due to the accumulation of inner ear wax. It soothes pressure in the ears, sinuses, and forehead. Ear Candles are a pleasant alternative to ear syringing and can help:

  • Hearing improvement
  • Relieve pressure in sinuses and hay fever
  • Ease migraine/headaches
  • Reduce Tinnitus or ringing sounds
  • Can be useful to those who have problems with ears flying or diving
  • Can help with reoccurring colds and flu
  • Regulates the air pressure in the ear (ideal for divers and air travelers)

The client lies on a couch, fully clothed on their side. The "Candle", a hollow tube made of beeswax and with a beautiful honeyed herbal aroma, is lit and gently placed in the ear canal. A light vacuum or suction is created as the candle burns and unwanted wax and debris is drawn out of the ear. A head massage follows to complete the treatment.